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PRAVZ Yogasutra Mala
PRAVZ Yogasutra Mala

When Indian Philosophy was structured in the good olden days, Yoga Philosophy was placed in its Aastika Darshan segment. These Philosophies were written in Sutra format, which is the most terse style of writing. It became popular as it helped teachers to pass knowledge to their students in the most concise format (like formulas). Unfortunately, a common man remained three times away from this valuable and life altering knowledge, as it was:

  • In Sanskrit language,
  • It was Philosophical in nature and
  • It was in Sutra format.

Around 350 B.C. Sage Patanjali compiled valuable details on Yoga from numerous texts and gave us the gift of the 195 Yoga sutras. It has the essence of calming the mind and leading a truly equanimous life.

People erroneously consider Yoga as Asana and Pranayama only. It is interesting to note that, out of the 195 Yoga sutras, only 3 sutras are dedicated to Asana and 5 to Pranayama. Rest of the sutras either explicitly or implicitly deals with the mind and hence it would be appropriate to say that this text is more of Psychology than Philosophy.

The need of the hour to deal with the epidemic of Psycho –Somatic illness is guidance from a Scripture that deals with the mind. Patanjali’s Yoga sutras is an answer to our quest to know ourselves. It has 195 keys to open 195 locks of our mind.

I have been studying this text for more than a decade now and my thesis for Ph.D. orbited around the Yoga sutras. PRAVZ Yoga sutras chanting beads was the result of my own need to find a technique to understand and memorise the Yoga sutras. It is a learning device to decode Patanjali’s Yoga sutras and with time it becomes instrumental in attaining more insight into the Yoga sutras.

It took me more than 2 years to condense the number of bead colours to 9. A lot of research and prototypes were made to arrive at the present design.

Making of the Mala.

PRAVZ™ Yogasutra Chanting round Beads are handmade using Lamasa Clay Art. Lamasa is a clay like substance, made by mixing and heating ingredients, such as corn flour, lime juice etc. This clay is handmade and is a very intensive process. Subsequently, it is coloured in various fine shades. It is then manually rolled into round beads with immense focus and precision. This clay can only be worked with when it is wet. It takes substantial effort and time to complete the beads with holes. These beads are then sun dried naturally for up-to a month to give a fine finish. The combination of these beautiful beads with Rudraksha gives it a perfect earthy look. The Maroon thread tassel is also handmade. PRAVZ Yoga sutras chanting beads kit includes the mala and a beautifully illustrated guide book.

Technical details

  • This Mala has Ersatz Rudraksha beads and Round beads (of 9 colours) signifying the 195 Yoga sutras. They are arranged in a specific colour sequence to make memorisation easy and understanding better as you chant.
  • Maroon Cylindrical bead is placed at the start and end of each Chapter.
Pravz Yogasutra Chanting Mala
Pravz Yogasutra Chanting Mala – Each Color Highlights the essence of each sutra.

Since every bead colour signifies a meaning (either action, reward, obstacle, Ishvara, Guna,etc), learning becomes less mechanical. Awareness increases Hence every sutra is now chanted with specific meaning in mind.

When the mind goes into a chatter mode one can direct it to chanting with the help of this Mala thus reducing the number of thoughts (Vrittis). It is also Svadhyaya i.e. it helps Self-study. Also chanting in Sanskrit has immeasurable benefits.

Pravz Yogasutra Chanting Mala
Pravz Yogasutra Chanting Mala

What to expect from this Chanting Mala

As you consistently use this Mala, you will become aware of the number of Sutras that are devoted to action, obstacles, Gunas, modifications, results, rewards etc.

You will soon figure out that if there are many Maroon beads in a sequence then it has to be the Third chapter i.e. Vibhuti Pada. Few black beads, back to back are Vrittis or Kleshas. The pattern will begin to unfold with practice.

You will realise that it is less Philosophical and more practical. You will soon begin to experience its practical application ability.

This tool is of great help to Students who need assistance to chant in numerical order. The colours will help you decode the coded sutras. It is important to chant on this Mala every day for good results. It will help you get good insights into the real meaning of the Yoga sutras.

You have to put the needful efforts for the effects to manifest. This chanting Mala will surely accelerate the process of understanding the Yoga sutras. Happy learning.

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Here is a surprise fact. Out of the 195 Yogasutras of Patanjali only 3 sutras are dedicated to Asanas and 5 are dedicated to Pranayama. So you are just a 5 percent Yoga person if you don’t know about Patanjali’s Yogasutras.


Does the cryptic nature of Yogasutras worry you?

Worry no more! Palmsutra is here to your rescue!

Time to get that missing 95 percent to be a complete Yoga person.

Palmsutra by Praveena Shetty ( Masters in Yogashastra – Gold Medalist).

I am very proud to present this very unique method to learn the Yogasutras on 4 palms in 4 hours.This lecture series will help you learn the Yogasutras in a simplified manner using your Palm to understand and memorize the meaning of each of the 195 Yogasutras. This video series simplifies the meanings and its application .This video series is dedicated to those who want to go beyond just being a yoga Asana person and those seeking a complete Yoga Profile.

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