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Dr. Praveena Shetty

Everyone in this world is searching for happiness. We also wonder if there is a guide book to achieve the same. Fortunately, there is a text to achieve this objective. It is Sage Patanjali’s 195 Yoga sutras. I was fortunate to learn this text for the last 12 years under the able guidance of various Yoga Gurus.

Hello Friends,

I am Dr. Praveena Shetty. I am a Research Scholar and I have been awarded a doctorate for my Thesis  “Appreciation of and insight into Patanjali’s Yoga sutras through Structures and Games”. I have developed 5 games for the same and following is my brief introduction.

NAME        :  Dr. Praveena Shetty

D.O.B.         :  21st March, 1971

MOB.          :  +91 9820027232

E-MAIL ID :  impravz@gmail.com

WEBSITE  :  www.pravz.com


  • Ability to simplify Patanjali’s Yoga sutras and teach its application in day to day life.
  • Ability to connect Yoga Philosophy while teaching Asana and Pranayama thus making it a richer experience.
  • Ability to teach as per students’ capacity to learn.
  • Ability to take life as it comes and be in the Now.


  • B. Com
  • M. Com (Management)
  • B.A (Yoga Shastra)
  • M.A (Yoga Shastra) (Gold medalist)
  • Doctorate in Yogasutras
  • Post Graduate Diploma (Study of religion)
  • Diploma (Saṃkhya – Yoga systems of India Philosophy)
  • Advance Diploma (Yoga Philosophy)


  • Professor at K. J. Somaiya Sanskriti Peetham, Mumbai.

(Taught M.A. Sanskrit students-Subject taught- Yogasutras of Patanjali).

  • Professor at K. J. Somaiya Buddhism center, Mumbai.

(Taught Diploma in Yoga students-Subject taught -Yogasutras of Patanjali).

  • Imparted more than 1000 hours of Asana- Pranayama classes at individual and group level for over a decade.


https://www.udemy.com/patanjalis-yogasutras-in-4-hrs/ https://www.udemy.com/chantsutra-patanjali-yogasutra-with-meaning/


Yogasutra Products


Hello everyone,

I am Mrs Praveena Shetty and my first brush with Yoga was when I was at my Republic Day Parade camp in 1991. Yoga Nidra was introduced at that camp and I loved it. The seeds of Yoga were put but it took years to manifest. I went ahead with my Bachelors in Commerce and Masters as well. I joined a college in Mumbai as a lecturer and taught Marketing Management and Human Resource and Development to senior college students. The daily grind was taxing and I got all symptoms of chronic Migraine which became very painful in the course of few months. So, I enrolled for a course at a nearby Yoga institute and did Asana, Pranayama and Kriya which helped me immensely. To learn the subject thoroughly  I joined a Yoga course to do my Bachelors in Yoga. For the first three months I didn’t understand why we were taught Yoga Philosophy and not just Asana and Pranayama. But about a year into the course my view about Yoga Philosophy changed. Life was changing for the better. I finished my Bachelors and Masters in Yoga Shastra and got a gold medal. I started conducting lectures and workshops at various colleges,  institutes and Yoga groups to promote Yoga philosophy, Asana and Pranayama.

When it was time to select the topic for my Ph.D thesis I knew for sure that I had to take a topic that will help me decode the Yogasutras so that it becomes available for the masses. After 5 years of intense work I submitted my thesis titled ‘Appreciation of and insight into Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras through Structures and Games’ to Nagpur University.

So far, this knowledge is confined only to the academic circles. My goal is to take it to the masses. So, this website has been put into place and it’s proposed to start delivering simple videos to make the masses aware about this brilliant life altering text.

Let’s begin this journey in to the wonderful world of the Yogasutras of sage Patanjali.

Praveena Shetty with her Students

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