About Us

We are glad that you want to know more about us.

PRAVZ is a Registered Trademark of Dr. Praveena Shetty who is a Yoga Guru and specializes in the 195 Yoga sutras of Sage Patanjali which is a part of the Indian Philosophy. She has studied this text extensively for more than 15 years. She has a YouTube Channel under her banner and has uploaded more than 500 Yoga Sutra related videos. She also has courses uploaded on Udemy which helps in passing the vast knowledge of Yoga.

The first product under this Trademark was the Chanting Mala which is one of its kind and has been copyrighted and appreciated by Yoga Gurus and Professors of Yoga shastra of various Indian universities.

The T-shirt line was the next addition which has a very interesting and completely focused Yoga sutra-based designs and is absolutely one of its kind. It is created by someone who has a deep understanding of the Yogasutras with a team who is absolutely brilliant in graphic designing and hence it stands out among other designs.

It is said that, you don't choose Yoga, Yoga chooses you. So, we feel that if you adore Yoga then you will surely gravitate towards our designs and the designs will in turn resonate with you. You will then be self-propelled to own/ promote/gift it and assist in promoting this brand.

These design helps one to connect to another Yoga enthusiast and start an intellectual conversation which is termed as Svadhyaya in Sanskrit.  We are proud to take these designs to a world-wide audience who are naturally drawn to Yoga. We welcome you to join us in passing this wisdom to as many people as possible. Happy learning.


PRAVZ® is operated from Mumbai (Maharashtra) in India. We have Suppliers with their warehouses around India. The goods are delivered from various sources as per the requirement of our customers.

For Further Details you can reach us via email cs@pravz.com or call us on +91 9820027233.

Our Office is located in Mumbai. 

Shetty House, Panchasheel Nagar,
Vasant Patil Marg, Chunabhatti,
Mumbai 400 022. Maharashtra. India.