195 Yogasutras of Patanjali Web Series – Teaser

195 Yogasutras of Patanjali Web Series – Teaser


This Web Series is a sequence of around 200 videos on the Yogasutras of Sage Patanjali. This series is for beginners who want to be initiated into the study of Yoga Philosophy. A lot of material is available for scholars in Sanskrit to know about the Yogasutras, but unfortunately barely anything is available for the beginners. Most initial learners get bogged down by difficult concepts and heavy Sanskrit language. An attempt is made here to simplify these concepts without losing the essence of it.

You will be surprised to know that, out of the 195 Yoga Sutras, only 3 Sutras are dedicated to Asana and 5 Sutras to Pranayama. Most of the Sutras are explicitly or implicitly meant to curb the modifications of the mind and hence it is more of Psychology than Philosophy. The inspiration to upload this videos comes from the fact that I have immensely benefitted by its knowledge. My decision making abilities have improved and more importantly I have been able to keep stress at bay.

Out of the 195 Yoga Sutras about 90 + Sutras are easily applicable in everyday life. Hence it becomes necessary to take this text to the masses. With more than 90 % of ailments being psychosomatic it becomes an utmost necessity to know texts like this which gives us knowledge about the various tools to tame our mind.

It is said that:

25 % is what a teacher can teach us about any topic.

25 % is understood when one discusses the topic with like-minded friends.

25 % is understood with the passage of time and

25 % is understood when we teach others.

So I can teach you only 25%. Rest is the effort you need to make.

At the end of this series you will know:

  • Brief background of the Indian philosophy and Sankhya philosophy
  • Sutra characteristics
  • Essence of the 195 Yogasutras of Sage Patanjali
  • Few games to help you know the Yogasutras.
  • How to make and use the chanting mala.
  • Introduction to the Yogasutras tarot cards.
  • A tool to lead a stress free life.

I hope my effort will help people lead a happy life. I am sure learning will be mutual here. Let the learning begin. Feel Free to Post your Queries, Suggestions, Proposals etc. in the comments below or PRAVZ.com. And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Let the word spread. Stay fit and happy.